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Local History

Local lore and histories that include histories of local businesses, organizations, and different groups that help give the Bedford area its unique culture.


A Dying Art II

Description: A history of moonshining and the law. Before the application of the Rico Statute, there was approximately 50,000 gallons of moonshine leaving southwest Virginia and North Carolina annually. 600,000 sturdy plastic jugs and other ingredients were sold every year to facilitate the "White Lighting" business. Now those who make large quantities of untaxed whiskey illegally and those who provide raw material and other organized means to evade the taxes imposed by the law of Congress better take notice. The U.S. government has made it clear through "Operation Lightning Strike" that U.S. courts have determined for those who make or distribute illegal whiskey wholesale violate the organized crime statues. unlike many contemporary historians, the author tells us the secrets of the birth of moonshining that drives the world's personal gain, greed, and covetousness. Its history is one of a glorious unorthodox evil kept alive for centuries. A Dying Art and its photo epoch is a fascinating documentation that will intrigue all readers.

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