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Local History

Local lore and histories that include histories of local businesses, organizations, and different groups that help give the Bedford area its unique culture.


Record and Preserve Your Family History

Description: Over the years everyone has heard family stories and accumulated first hand information about their family that future descendants would just love to know. While your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews might not be very interested now, someday they will be. Now is the time for you to preserve this valuable information. Jeffery A. Bockman has been researching his family since 1988 and writing and lecturing about family history since 1996. He is grateful that many of his ancestors had their picture taken and that others had the foresight to write the person's name on the back and hand them down to future generations along with numerous important papers. His inheritance was a collection of interesting ancestors, numerous photographs, a variety of unique record, and a few family stories. He hopes that everyone will be as kind to his or her own descendants and family members.

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