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War Books

The selection of military books on the bookstore covers various topics ranging from the Revolutionary War up through the modern day conflicts and how they affected the Bedford area.


 Civil War Tales

Description: "Old times" are being forgotten. Precious family stories of the glory and tragedy of America's family war, "a war that has never really ended," are being lost each day. All of the stories in this book are firmly roosted in the War Between the States, but some extend to this very day. Oral stories, this basis of most of this book are not surviving in a modern world of mass communications. Radio and TV demand all our attention. The gentle voices of the custodians of family history, lore, and values has been drowned out by a modern mass media machine. The author fervently believes that these stories of the brave and gallant and those of lesser character are for us, the living and forthcoming generations. This book contains never before published true and important history!

  Price: $27.95

  Shipping and Handling: 6.00


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