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War Books

Local lore and histories that include histories of local businesses, organizations, and different groups that help give the Bedford area its unique culture.


Liberty Falling is a fictional, but accurate account of a true mountain family of the Civil War era surviving on the western slopes of Sharptop Mountain. A tragic accident leaves the father unable to provide for the family, forcing his three young sons to assume all household responsibilities. When the Union Army pours over the Peaks of Otter on their campaign to take Lynchburg, the boys become separated from their home. The two eldest set out on a trek for help from the Confederate Army rumored to be in Lynchburg. Their journey carries them through the many sights of the county and city, and ultimately leads them to a timely meeting with the army's commanders. Being granted return passage home, the brothers get caught up in a brutal cavalry skirmish as General Hunter's army approaches. The tragedies and unforeseen revelations that follow cause their trip to come full circle through the devastated town of Liberty and back to the concerned family and community that so anxiously been waiting..


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