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War Books

The selection of military books on the bookstore covers various topics ranging from the Revolutionary War up through the modern day conflicts and how they affected the Bedford area.


The Longest Year


Description: Coming on the heels of World War II, the Korean War was quite a shocker to us. For the second time in less than a decade, we had to put our personal lives on hold for a year to play out our roles in an unpopular, unknown war dubbed by President Truman as "A Police Action". For Christmas 1951 to Christmas 1952 my husband William A. "Pinky" Yowell was stationed in Japan. While he was not directly involved in the conflict, the year's separation and breakup of our family during the Korean War was a long unhappy experience for us, Causing great pain for me and Pinky, as well as our two young children. The Longest year, Korean War letters to and from U.S. Army Air bases and the home front, is a sequel to Flying high, World War II Letters to and from U.S. Army Air Force Bases and the home Front.  

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