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War Books

The selection of military books on the bookstore covers various topics ranging from the Revolutionary War up through the modern day conflicts and how they affected the Bedford area.


From Slaves to Satellites


Description: This is the true story of a 355 acre farm of Bedford, Virginia and the eight hardy families who came and went during a period of 250 years. They worshiped with and intermarried with neighbors. They came, they built, they had children. They worked but ultimately passed away. And then another family lived its cycle, its way. It begins when slavery was commonplace and the only satellite was the moon. It shows that the South's dependency upon slavery was far more prevalent than generally believed. The second half of the book shows life and times without slaves. It examines the impact the Civil War, new technology, and the invisible hand of economics in driving people to change the use of the land, to change the relationship of landowner to the tenant farmer and sharecropper and to change the role of the neighborhood church.

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