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Genealogical Library

The library is open during museum hours and is staffed with knowledgeable staff to assist you in your genealogical search.

Our Genealogy Library

The Bedford Museum and Genealogical Library has extensive records and other materials for research about Bedford and Virginia.  We offer research assistance for genealogists unable to visit our library.  Searches will include published and unpublished documents in our Library as well as the documents at the Bedford County Courthouse.  In addition we have conducted an extensive survey of the cemeteries in our area and this information can be accessed as well.  We charge $20/hour for research ($15.00 for Museum Members) and $.50/page for copies. We do request a donation of $25 for the first hour of research and some copies and postage. In most cases it is not possible to estimate the amount of time that will be required for a search. Please send $25.00 to cover the first hour and indicate the maximum you are willing to pay (example- $50 or $100). We prefer to bill you for the additional charges above the initial $25 that you sent. We can complete the first hour of research and let you know what additional research may be required. Please be precise about what information you are seeking. Please indicate your mailing address, phone number and email address if available. Please send any requests or inquiries to You may email credit card information to charge your research, mail a check,  or use Pay-Pal.  To use Pay-Pal you must have a Pay-Pal account.  You will email the payment to  Be sure to make note on the Pay-Pal order that this is for research.  Include a name, address, and phone number.  If you need assistance, please call 540-586-4520.

Research Costs

We have been working with the Bedford Library staff to get our Library catalog available on the web. Significant progress has been made, with more titles being added daily.  Access the catalog at:  If you click on "Search", then select "Subject" and "begins with" then type "Museum".  When the list of books appears, click on the entry "Museum - Bedford City/County Museum".   That will give you a list of the books from the Museum Library that have been entered into the online catalog of the Bedford Library.  While you cannot access the contents of the books online, this does give you a resource to search for a particular subject or family name within our library.