Copper and the Tree Frog: The Night Heron Nabbing


Synopsis from the back of the book:

"Copper enjoys the comfortable life of an ordinary house cat: playing with crinkly toys, eating from a bowl piled high with food, sleeping in a plushy bed, and conducting embarrassing personal grooming in front of houseguests. But Copper also craves adventure, and that's hard to find when you're stuck inside the house.

Her appetite for adventure is soon satisfied by a visit from Riley, a peculiar green tree frog who represents the FLOCC, a special wildlife squad. Another member of the FLOCC, Benny the night heron, is in trouble. His chicks are disappearing one by one, and suspicion of a traitor in the FLOCC has forced the group to ask an indoor animal for help.

To solve the mystery and prove herself to the FLOCC, Copper will have to overcome her fears and plunge deep into the gloomy rookery where the night herons make their home. Along the way, she'll meet creatures she never imagined, face dangers she never anticipated, and clean some pretty gross stuff off her fur...somehow."

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